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Signal Hill

August 12, 2021

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I climb as if it's a pilgrimage
One foot in front of the other
My feet not as dirty as they used to be
Over the rocks
The only sound my breathing
And noise from the town below
Louder than I'm used to
Dryer than I'm used to
Browner than I'm used to
My feet carry me
I can't explain it
But I feel the sameness
This ironically named Signal Peak
Different from my other signal hill
But so very similar
I climb.
I was not ready for the memories
Maybe the ghosts have moved on
The veil of time has been crossed
But the memories creep in my thoughts
Bright and yet dark
Happy and yet sad
And I wasn't ready.
But they flooded my thoughts as we talked about food
And shared our stories
I remembered the resos
Where we sat in community and prayed
And drank the tea with cheese
The gift of our presense more important
Than the words we said
I rememebered the hot avena drink
That mothers would pour between cups repeatedly
To cool it for their expectantly waiting children
And the plates of much coveted lentils and rice
Handed to me generously at the school
I sit, like I used to
Overlooking my world
My home
The last hill was a life line
And sometimes a refuge
And this one may be the same
For the short time I call it my home
And then I will move on
I will find a new hill
I will find a new peak
I will find a new home.