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    August 23, 2018

    This is Why

    This is why I run with my keys between my fingers, ready to strike back within a moment. This is why the volume in my ear buds is low, so I can hear my surroundings. This is why my mother told me not to go out on the recreation trails late at night or early in the morning and why I get off the streets before dark or surround myself with a moat of friends. This is why I hawkishly watch every man I pass on the street - tuned to every flinch, sway, or movement in my direction. This is why catcalls and whistles make me nervous and groups of men standing around as I walk by make my heart pound. This is why I carry pepper spray in my car and am uncomfortable entering almost empty buildings or rooms. This is why my mother told me to be careful drinking and to always stay aware. This is why I think about the clothes I am wearing and the actions I am taking - my freedoms restricted to protect myself from events that should never occur. This is why I am afraid of angry men and my mother told me to immediately leave any man who hits me. This is why I am always cautious, careful, and watchful. This is why.

    But in the United States alone - why are 1 in 3 of us victims of physical violence by an intimate partner? Why are 1 and 7 of us stalked by an intimate partner? Why are 1 in 5 of us raped and 1 in 2 of us victims of sexual violence? Why are three of us murdered in a domestic dispute every day?

    Why. I can tell you why I am fearful. But can you tell me why you hurt me?



  • April 2, 2018

    The Swing

    and forth
    Pumping your legs
    Gripping the chains
    The cold metal on your fingers
    The seat beneath you
    but unchanging
    as you drift
    and forth
    The sun beams beckoning
    The breeze whispering in your ear
    The clouds calling your name
    And earth pushing you
    Just a little lighter
    And then
    The swing leaving its home
    Breaking gravity
    Embracing the sky
    To embark on a new journey
    Of a world beyond the pendulum